Self-management support: online tools to the rescue

Consumer-facing devices like smart phones, websites or tablets can support patients and informal caregivers. They should not only be developed in user-centred designs but also be field-tested.

The EU-funded USECARE AAL project on Ambient-Assisted Living (AAL) includes a study in three countries. Find out about the background of USECARE AAL, the consortium and on the potential of eHealth for self-management support.

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QuantifiedSelf: empowering patients, are we getting there?

QuantifiedSelf technologies offer opportunities to empower citizens and patients.

But how can patients become active ‘actors’ and how do we get there?

Kate Wac’s blog post underpins both challenges and promising developments.

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Social Media Workshop: Tipps und Tricks

Alles redet von Facebook, weil das so viele Nutzer hat. Aber ist dies eine nachhaltige Nutzung des Social Web? Welche Synergien gibt es. Beispiele aus der Praxis.

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