Empowering Danish citizens

Self-management support is en vogue and related to health literacy.

Interventions like the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program improve quality of life and may influence use of services respectively costs in health care.

Experiences from Denmark show benefits and highlight problems like reaching out to vulnerable populations and those most in need of help with self-care.

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QuantifiedSelf: empowering patients, are we getting there?

QuantifiedSelf technologies offer opportunities to empower citizens and patients.

But how can patients become active ‘actors’ and how do we get there?

Kate Wac’s blog post underpins both challenges and promising developments.

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Role of peer organisations in self-management support

Insights from Norway on the co-creating self-management support with peer organisations. The competence of peers is imperative and programs like Stanford’s CDSMP are important stepping-stones to move on to new ways of patient empowerment.

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