Kurs «Gesund und aktiv leben» — wo steht Deutschland heute?

Der Selbstmanagementkurs «Gesund und aktiv leben» wird in Deutschland seit 2015 angeboten. Die Fäden in der Hand hat hier INSEA, das Mitglied im Verein Evivo Netzwerk ist. Gleich an mehreren Standorten können Menschen, die mit chronischer Krankheit leben, vom Kursangebot profitieren. Und die Reichweite der Umsetzung wächst weiter.

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Self-management support: online tools to the rescue

Consumer-facing devices like smart phones, websites or tablets can support patients and informal caregivers. They should not only be developed in user-centred designs but also be field-tested.

The EU-funded USECARE AAL project on Ambient-Assisted Living (AAL) includes a study in three countries. Find out about the background of USECARE AAL, the consortium and on the potential of eHealth for self-management support.

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Empowering Danish citizens

Self-management support is en vogue and related to health literacy.

Interventions like the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program improve quality of life and may influence use of services respectively costs in health care.

Experiences from Denmark show benefits and highlight problems like reaching out to vulnerable populations and those most in need of help with self-care.

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